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파킨슨병 및 퇴행성 신경계질환 실험실Laboratory of Parkinson’s Disease and Neurodegenerative disease

실험실 소개 (Overview)

Our team investigates the pathophysiology of PD (Parkinson’s disease) and other neurodegenerative disorders and try to find the treatment option of PD including immune therapy and regenerative medicine. We use PD animal models, especially murine model induced by alpha-synuclein preformed fibril injection for our studies. In addition, because reliable biomarker is essential for expectation of prognosis and treatment of PD, the other main investigation is the development of PD biomarker. Our lab is always searching a new student with enthusiasm who are interested in neuroscience. Please send us the email for application (yklee1454@gmail.com). Following members are our dream team.

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