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· 영문제목 The 99th percentile values of six cardiac troponin assays established for a reference population using strict selection criteria
· 저자 Ko D.-H./Jeong T.-D./Cho E.-J./Lim J./Ji M./Lee K./Lee W./Yun Y.-M./Chun S./Song J./Kwon K.-C./Min W.-K.
· 외부저자
· 발행정보 Clinica Chimica Acta
· 영문초록 Background: Since the 99th percentile reference limit for cardiac troponin (Tn) can vary depending on the reference
population, Sandoval et al. published systematic selection criteria. In this study, these systematic criteria
were applied for the first time to obtain the 99th percentile reference limits for 6 Tn tests.
Methods: The reference population was selected in accordance with the systematic criteria, and reference limits
were setwith respect to the six types of Tn assays. The coefficient of variation (CV) at the reference limitwas determined
using 3–4 concentrations of frozen serum.
Results: In total, 641 South Koreans (303males, 338 females)were selected as the reference population. The 99th
percentile reference limit of Tn in the six assays ranged from13.4 to 34.2 pg/ml. Themeasurable fractions among
the reference population ranged from1.3% to 80.5%. The CVs at the reference limit ranged from5.3% to 43.0%, and
three were b10%.
Conclusions: In this study, a reference populationwas selected for the first time in accordancewith the systematic
criteria of Sandoval et al., and the reference limit for South Koreans was established. The values obtained in this
study are different fromthose proposed by manufacturers, which confirms the importance of having a reference
population. Four out of six assays did not fulfill the criteria for high-sensitivity tests.