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· 영문제목 Guidelines for the Performance Evaluation of In-Vitro Diagnostic Test for the Detection of Norovirus Infection in Korea
· 저자 김자영1·김현수2·이선화3·오승환4·우광숙5·김성열6·민의기7
· 외부저자
· 발행정보 Lab Med Online
· 영문초록 Norovirus is a leading cause of epidemic and sporadic acute gastroenteritis worldwide. Rapid and accurate detection of norovirus is essential for the prevention and control of norovirus outbreaks. The purpose of this study was to propose and develop a process for establishing appropriate standardized guidelines for the approval and evaluation of in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDD) for norovirus detection in Korea based on the related laws, regulations, and guidelines of USA, Europe, and Korea. We expect that this study could be used for diagnostic test standardization and the approval and evaluation of domestic norovirus diagnostic devices. We also expect the results will contribute to industrial expansion and public health promotion.