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14 Acute Delayed or Late Infection ofRevision Total Hip Arthroplasty Treatedwith Debridement/Antibiotic-loaded CementBeads and Retention of the Prosthesis Jun-Dong Chang, MD, PhD, In-Sung Kim, MD, Sang-Soo... 2017-02-28
13 Postoperative fever after hemiarthroplasty in elderly patients over 70 years of age with displaced femoral neck fracture: Necessity of routine workup? Je-Hyun Yoo, Ki-Tae Kim, Tae-Young Kim, Ji-Hyo Hwa... 2017-02-28
12 The 99th percentile values of six cardiac troponin assays established for a reference population using strict selection criteria Ko D.-H./Jeong T.-D./Cho E.-J./Lim J./Ji M./Lee K.... 2017-01-31
11 Frequency of pathogenic germline mutation in CHEK2, PALB2, MRE11, and RAD50 in patients at high risk for hereditary breast cancer Haeyoung Kim, Dae-Yeon Cho, Doo Ho Choi,Mijin Oh, ... 2017-01-31
10 Optimal radiation dose for patients with one to three lymph node positive breast cancer following breast-conserving surgery and anthracycline plus taxane-based chemotherapy: A retrospective multicenter analysis (KROG 1418) Haeyoung Kim, Won Park, Jeong Il Yu, Doo Ho Choi, ... 2017-01-31
9 Understanding delirium trajectory and its importance in care provision for older people Suh GH, Gega L 2017-01-31
8 Guidelines for the Performance Evaluation of In-Vitro Diagnostic Test for the Detection of Norovirus Infection in Korea 김자영1·김현수2·이선화3·오승환4·우광숙5·김성열6·민의기7 2017-01-31
7 Comparison of the Luminex xTAG respiratory viral panel Fast v2 assay with Anyplex II RV16 detection kit and AdvanSure RV real-time RT-PCR assay for the detection of respiratory viruses Ko D.-H./Kim H.S./Hyun J./Kim H.-S./Kim J.-S./Park... 2017-01-31
6 Extracellular Fluid/Intracellular Fluid Volume Ratio as a Novel Risk Indicator for All-Cause Mortality and Cardiovascular Disease in Hemodialysis Patients Kim EJ, Choi MJ, Lee JH, Oh JE, Seo JW, Lee YK, Yo... 2017-01-31
5 The Evolution of Computer-AssistedTotal Hip Arthroplastyand Relevant Applications Jun-Dong Chang,In-Sung Kim,Atul M. Bhardwaj,Ramach... 2017-01-31